Indiana Center for Personalized Medicine Overview

The Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine (IIPM) is an alliance of physician scientists, pharmacists, nurses, basic scientists, population scientists, bioinformaticists, pharmacoeconomists, pharmacoepidemiologists and modeling and simulation experts committed to the implementation of personalized medicine.  In synergy with a vibrant Division of Clinical Pharmacology, the IIPM has fostered multi-disciplinary collaborations across the entire medical center to advance translational and clinical therapeutics research.  In addition, the IIPM plays an important role in educating and training a new generation of translational and clinical researchers acutely needed to develop new medicines and personalize existing therapies.  As such, the IIPM and the Division of Clinical Pharmacology have established themselves as critical elements within the translational research enterprise of the Indiana University Medical Centers.

The Vision of the Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine is to Improve the Practice of Medicine by Improving the Personalization of Therapy for a Wide Range of Conditions.

Our mission is to apply cutting edge clinical, laboratory and informatics expertise to better understand how medicines work in individual patients, to design new means of targeting therapies, to translate discoveries to patient care, and to encourage in every way possible the development of new therapies that benefit patients of all ages, genders and ethnicities.  This mission will be implemented by identifying new biomarkers and validating existing biomarkers that predict therapeutic response and adverse effects.  This goal will be achieved by conducting translational and clinical studies aimed at identifying specific populations and individuals most likely to benefit and least likely to suffer from drug therapies.